Canon 24-105mm L lens

This lens is Canons highest performance midrange zoom and for just under $1200 this is a must have if you are just looking to buy general purpose lens. Canon announced this back in 2005 along with the 5d mark II. I am using this lens on a 1.6 sensor so the range for me is 38.4-168mm. This is my go to lens for just about every thing. It weighs in at 23.6 oz which is much less than the 24-70mm. The 77mm filter size is really nice because a lot of canon popular lenses use a 77mm filter. THis is not the cheapest filter size but being able to share filter with different lenses is nice to be able to do. The auto focus is amazing, Canons ring USM " Ultrasonic Motor "  is very quit and rarely misses. If you are looking to buy a lens I would check out this lens. Remember you might have the best or newest DSLR that money can buy but if you do not have great of decent glass you are not doing your camera and justice. 

Canon7d mark II

So I bought a Canon 7d mark II back in December, and I have been using the camera for all of my shooting. Here are the specs of the camera, 20.2 MP CMOS APS-C sensor supporting next generation Dual Pixel CMOS sensor based AF. 10 FPS of continuos shooting for up to 130jpg and 31 raw frames. Dual DIGIC 6 processor. 65 AF points which are all cross type. 100-16000 iso expandable up to 51200. Built in GPS. 1080p video. 3.0 inch clear view ii LCD monitor. built in pop up flash. Dual memory card slots, one cf slot and one sd slot. the camera weighs in at 910g with battery and memory card. 

The original 7D was one of Canons best selling camera ever. It has taken several years for the updated 7d mark ii to come out. The new updated 7d mk II is a huge upgrade from the 7D. With the new CMOS sensor and the AF system and 10 FPS makes this camera great for shooting sports and for nature shooters. With the 65 AF points that all all cross type, the focus points go all the way to the edge of the viewfinder. The auto focus tracks really well. I have only had one small problem with the tracking. 

 I have not really done that many videos with this camera. I wish that Canon took the touch screen out of the 70d and used it on this camera. With the touch screen you would be able to touch any point on the screen and have your lens focus on that point.  

Over all I feel that the Canon 7d mark ii is a great camera. for $1700 it is a bit much for a crop sensor camera but with the build quality and the new AF system and 10 FPS it is well worth the money, Now pair this camera with Canons 24-70 and 70-200 glass and you will have a great all around camera. 

Sony NEX 5 R

This is my review on the Sony NEX 5 R. This is my first mirrorless camera I have bought. This camera has 16.1 mega pixels on  APS-C sensor with a fast hybrid AF system.This is the first sony CSC to have WI-FI connectivity. Having the WI-FI allows you to download apps form the sony store. The camera has a tilting screen I wish it was a articulating screen. the controls are all on the touch screen which is nice to have. The kit lens that came with the body is a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. The kit lens is a great all around lens to shoot with. When you use the other sony e mount lenses like the 18-200mm the camera starts to get really front heavy. The camera weighs in at 218g, that is really light. The ISO range is 100-25600, when you get above 8000 iso it starts to get really noisy. Overall this is a great camera I have used this for all different types of shooting and I have not had any problems with it. I relied on this camera for most of my work but now it is just my back up and it still gets used when I do not want to use my 7d mk ii. 



Canon EF-S 18-200mm is lens

This is my review of the Canon EF-S 18-200mm is lens. I have never used this lens before and so fare I have not had any problems with it yet. The lens was announced back in 2008 and was supposed to compete with the nikon DX 18-200 VR.  Here are the specs of the lens 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 so it is not the fastest lens out there. the lens has 16 elements in 12 groups, including UD-glass and aspherical lenses. 72mm filter size and weighs in at 595g. I have only taken a few shots with this lens on my 7d mark ii and the AF is a little slow. I did not buy this lens, I rented it. I am going to shoot some portraits in the next few days with this lens and I will post some shots.