Sony NEX 5 R

This is my review on the Sony NEX 5 R. This is my first mirrorless camera I have bought. This camera has 16.1 mega pixels on  APS-C sensor with a fast hybrid AF system.This is the first sony CSC to have WI-FI connectivity. Having the WI-FI allows you to download apps form the sony store. The camera has a tilting screen I wish it was a articulating screen. the controls are all on the touch screen which is nice to have. The kit lens that came with the body is a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. The kit lens is a great all around lens to shoot with. When you use the other sony e mount lenses like the 18-200mm the camera starts to get really front heavy. The camera weighs in at 218g, that is really light. The ISO range is 100-25600, when you get above 8000 iso it starts to get really noisy. Overall this is a great camera I have used this for all different types of shooting and I have not had any problems with it. I relied on this camera for most of my work but now it is just my back up and it still gets used when I do not want to use my 7d mk ii.